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Averaging Gradius

23rd June

How do people handle Bowser? What path do most racers take in Gran Turismo? What order do people take down bosses in Mega Man 2? How do people react to the The Sorrow in Metal Gear Solid 3?

Game Design Idea: The Ultimate Racing Game

Okay, you know those cool navigation systems installed in cars that show you a map of where you are and can give you directions to any destination (the nice ones even have a friendly female voice that tells you when to turn)? I think that it’s a technology that is being wasted with it’s simple mapquest duties!

From the Blog!

Ridiculous true stories from the world of game development.

The names haven't been changed to protect the innocent because no one in game development is innocent...

Kill Screens – End of the Line
Kill Screen. That's pretty foreboding, eh? The name, a term that was coined in arcades in the 80's, is actually a little misleading. This...
Arcade Memories: Ticket Games are Trouble
I hated ticket games. They are annoying, loud, and they break all the time. Please, people constantly tried to cheat and steal to get prizes!