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My Ten Favorite Fighting Game Moments of 2012

1st January

So 2012 is over! One of the highlights of the year was attending Evo, which is pretty much the “premier” fighting game tournament in the world. That trip combined with my recent work design work on Playstation All-Stars (a fighting game) has introduced me to the fighting game community and some of the most competitive and skilled players I’ve ever come across.

So! I decided to compile my ten favorite Fighting Game Moments of 2012, in no particular order

Arcade Memories: Unlimited Tokens

29th November

One of the best things about working at an arcade was the (basically) unlimited tokens. Whether I got them by repairing machines (the rule was simple – if a token didn’t hit the coin box you could take it), trading in free token passes included with each bi-weekly paycheck or just scooping (think of it as borrowing!) out handfuls from behind the counter, it would be hard pressed to find me tokenless any given day of the week.

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