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Grand Theft Auto: Lego City

1st May

One of us wanted to do a lego movie, another one of us wanted to do a parody of Grand Theft Auto, and one of us wanted to ride through the streets of San Francisco on unicycles wearing pink leotards and silver capes.

San Andreas: Grand Tour

1st October

This was an article originally printed at The New Gamer, a games journalism website I used to write for. It was created using the in-game camera in the PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The images were ripped from the save game and no changes were made — all the “polaroids” were created in engine.

What could have turned out to be a normal weekend ended up being anything but. What could have been a standard mission turned out to be quite memorable. A contact called and wanted me to pick up a package from a drop point in San Fierro and deliver it to a guy in Las Venturas.It was perfect. I had some friends in the Grove who hadn’t been further than two blocks outside of Ganton their entire lives and this was my chance to change …

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Ridiculous true stories from the world of game development.

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