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Grand Theft Auto: Lego City

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The whole thing started out as a college video project.

One of us wanted to do a lego movie, another one of us wanted to do a parody of Grand Theft Auto, and one of us wanted to ride through the streets of San Francisco on unicycles wearing pink leotards and silver capes. Well, after we threw out Billy’s idea, we combined the other two and 6 weeks later GTA: Lego City was completed.

In total, we built over 20 vehicles, 9 sets, filmed 2 hours of video, snapped more than 1000 phots, and spent two weeks on post-production editing. But after six weeks of hard work we had a great film and soon after that I created a website for the flick.

Within two days it had been downloaded enough to use up the entire months bandwidth twice over! After paying fines, moving servers, and being published in multiple magazines, Brick Flick was well established.

The short video has been passed around the internet and has over four million views on YouTube!

Download the Flick

“Having just made it back onto the streets of New Brick City after a long stretch inside, Jimmy Bricketti is sent to Lego City by his old boss, Sonny. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the saturated, orthogonal metropolis of Lego City.”

Running Time: 1:13 mins.
DivX (9.6 megs)
Quicktime (9.3 megs)


Compare these side by side shots to see how our storyboards and planning ensured that the final LEGO flick would end up extremely similar to the original Rockstar trailer.

Title SceneMeeting SceneShooting SceneEnd Scene

In the Press

The short film was featured in several online gaming sites and even found its way into a few print magazines, drawing hundreds of visitors to the website and crashing our servers, more than once.

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