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Why I share my ideas

Posted on 1st December, by Ronn in Blog. No Comments

I love telling people game ideas. Even game ideas I really like. Hell, especially those ideas. In my experience it is not a very common thing, and some people are generally shocked when I’m so open.

However, I’m not just into blathering about random ideas that pop into head. My philosophy is as follows:

  1. Hearing them out loud let’s you practice your ‘pitch.’ It doesn’t even have to be about getting feedback — the important thing here is that you can learn so much about your own ideas by just hearing them out loud. You’ll hear what sounds clunky, what works and what doesn’t. Watch the person you are talking to carefully, you’ll see when they get excited, what makes their eyes pop, and, most importantly, what causes them to become detached. Pay attention and watch for that exact moment you lose someone… that’s the place you need to work on.
  2. Who is going to steal your idea? Ideas are easy — everyone has them. Making them come to life is the tricky part. And even
  3. If someone does steal your idea (or just beats you to the punch) then guess what: that’s awesome. Right off the bat it proves that your idea had merit. It wasn’t just you that thought it was a cool idea. They’ve also put in a bunch of hard work you can benefit from: learn from what works and throw out what doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place. I would never spill the beans about some secret project I’m working on. But my personal ideas? Game on. Like the line in Starbucks when you’re in a good mood to hear my silly ideas!

Try it! You might like it.


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