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Programmer Art

Posted on 29th November, by Ronn in Blog, Related. No Comments

There was an imbalance in games.

A ton of games have ‘behind the scenes’ content locked away in them. In these games you can usually see concept art, assets cut from the game, beautiful backgrounds used as reference for the game’s environment, and much, much more.

What it was missing was programmer art.

Yup. Programmers make art too. Brilliant art. And they needed to be represented! So over the course of the development of Secret Agent Clank I collected as many samples of this art as I could. These were put together in the video below and found via our extra Treehouse level:

Note: You might notice a large amount of gophers. This is because at High Impact Games programmers take the “gopher test” as part of the interview process. The “gopher test” is simply to draw a gopher (it’s hard to fail that part of the test!)

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