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My Ten Favorite Fighting Game Moments of 2012

Posted on 1st January, by Ronn in Blog. No Comments

Final Round XV - Ageojoe v Filipino Champ

So 2012 is over! One of the highlights of the year was attending Evo, which is pretty much the “premier” fighting game tournament in the world. That trip combined with my recent design work on Playstation All-Stars (a fighting game) has introduced me to the fighting game community and some of the most competitive and skilled players I’ve ever come across.
So! I decided to compile my ten favorite Fighting Game Moments of 2012, in no particular order:

  • “What are you standing up for?!”
    Wolfkrone, thinking he has beat Ricky Otriz, jumps out of his seat a bit early…
    Wolfkrone Celebrates Prematurely against Ricky Ortiz at UFGT8
    Lesson: Don’t make Ricky Ortiz angry.
  • Chris G hard tags during Losers Finals
    Chris G and Filipino Champ had an amazing best of five match at Evo; it was perhaps the best match of the tournament. There were a ton of great moments (and you should watch the whole thing if you haven’t!), but nothing was as big or shocking of a moment as the last few seconds of match point:
    The last exciting moments of match five!
    Lesson: I’ll let Chris G (ironically) handle this one himself.
  • Marn gets his head shaved for Fight for Youth
    Just one small highlight out of one of the best thing to come from the FGC this year: Daniel “Clockwork” Maniago’s Fight for Youth, a charity event to raise money for ASES Prep youth. One of the most awesome ideas of the day featured FGC members getting their heads shaved for money!
    Marn’s name is “randomly drawn”
    Lesson: Charity will drive men to do drastic things!
  • Final Round XV - Ageojoe v Filipino ChampFinal Round XV - Ageojoe v Filipino Champ
    Kusuro (Ageojoe) not only represents Japan (a near non-factor in Marvel 2), but he does so in two of the best moments in the whole year and does them in the same best of three match! The first one with Frank West and the second with Rocket Raccoon. I love that they scream so loud they clip out the mic!
    Frank West takes round one
    Rocket Raccoon finishes off Champ
    Lesson: Every character can be surprising at least once.
  • Jan pulling off the then recently discovered TAC infinite at Evo 2012
    Were TAC infinites practical? Would people just spend all of Evo dropping combos? Were they going to completely ruin UMvC3 FOREVERS?! Turns out that TACs barely made an impact at Evo… but this moment was amazing (and I think the first TAC infinite pulled off at a major):
    Listen as the roar of the crowd grows
    Lesson: TAC combos are siiiiiick.
  • PR Rog gets salty and rolls Team Korea at Canada Cup
    First, a summary of events:
    1) PR Rog accidentally pauses the game (during a combo into his own Super, meaning he will probably not get the input)
    2) Team Korea “takes the win.” This is allowed by the rules but is considered ”unsportsmanlike” and is certainly very uncommon.
    3) This angers the Rog and he activates his own form of Beast Mode and goes through the rest of the team.
    From the moment Rog pauses the game
    Lesson: Just let it rock.
  • Daigo v Gamerbee, Evo 2012Daigo Umehara v Gamerbee
    Another amazing best of three to come from Evo, this one for AE2012, and one that I feel trumped the finese, the skill and especially the hype of the entire Top 8. It’s not really a “moment” per se, so maybe it’s cheating, but what the hell… this match is that good.
    Evo 2012 AE Top 16 – Daigo Umehara v Gamerbee
  • Pig of the Hut’s fatality during Evo Top 8
    During 2010′s MK Evo finals the player were not allowed to perform fatalities. It’s not even that common in normal tournament play, but when they unbanned fatalities for the 2011 finals, you knew that players were going to do them. Or at least… try to do them…
    We’ll start the clip right near the end of Pig of the Hut’s fight versus XBlades
    Lesson: Never, ever look at the move list
  • Infiltration v Dieminion
    Infiltration looked (and was!) unbeatable during Day Three of Evo, but Dieminion gave him one hellava challenge, leading to this great moment near the end of their last match:
    It doesn’t get much closer than this…
    Ralph at Arcade ReliefLesson: Infiltration : (
  • Ralph’s goodbye to the FGC during Arcade Relief
    Even though Arcade Relief got shut down earlier than it should have been and even though I was only able to show up about an hour before that abrupt end, it was great to be there for those final moments and to hear Ralph give his heart felt farewell:
    Ralph shares some final words before we got shut down by the cops
    Lesson: Support your local arcade
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